If you’re like me, you love losing yourself in a good story, BUT. . . your life is crazy and it’s hard to find the time to read a whole novel. That’s where short stories can save the day.

Short stories can give us the opportunity to sneak away and experience someone else’s life for a little while and leave before their house needs cleaned. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do anything for cleaning our house. But nothings perfect! At least they give us a break from finding those socks that parachuted out of the dryer for parts unknown, math-loving dishes that can’t seem to get enough of multiplication, and that unexplainable science experiment in the fridge. Oh yeah, don’t touch that thing, it might explode.

On this page, I’ll RANDOMLY post short stories for you to read—for FREE! And who doesn’t like free? You say you don’t like free? Let me give you the name of a good counselor.

“So what are these short stories about?” You ask. Don’t you just wonder? I know I do. Just kidding—kind of. They’ll be about Jagged Journeys. About people from all walks of life, from various cultures, and generally, but not always, set in history. (I can’t limit myself. I am ADD, remember?) Stories of people who face problems, obstacles, and situations some of us have, will, or hope we never have to experience. Sometimes we’ll applaud them. Other times we’ll scream, “NO, DON’T DO IT!” Sometimes, they just might surprise us.

So I hope you’ll get a cup of your favorite drink and settle into a comfy chair and enjoy a story or two. If you’ve read all I have posted I hope you’ll check back later for new stories OR sign up for my e-zine, Jagged Journeys and receive a new short story emailed to you about every forty-five days. See the sign-up to your right of this page. If you sign up, I’ll also send you notices when I post new stories to this page.

Happy Reading,

Ida Smith


Photo by Ida Smith (copyright 2014)

Stitching the


A Short Story by

Ida Smith

(Copyright 2014)

The first time Christina made the mistake she worried all week she would get caught. Now, today, with Mr. Hagen hovering over her and the embarrassment of sewing men’s drawers flushing her cheeks, the mistake from last week reappeared in her thoughts. Mr. Hagen’s large paunch pressed against her shoulder, his form blocked the setting sunlight that filtered into the sweatshop cluttered with tables of sewing machines and stacks of garments, the floors littered with scraps of material. Read More.


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